Eugene D’Souza

Upcoming Exhibition


Eugene D’Souza and Ryan Saunderson at Aro Gallery



In this captivating show, two contemporary surrealist painters transform Aro Gallery into an eerily compelling arena that both delights and perplexes.

Ryan Saunderson’s haunting surrealist paintings are like irreverent rips in the fabric of the Australian metropolis. Darkly absurd, he plumbs subterranean crawl spaces under the floor-boards of middle-class society, to reveal its liminal shadow side. This is an acid inked love letter to complacent bourgeois living, set against a cosmic backdrop.

Eugene D’Souza’s tableaus of biological oddities appear to float unmoored, like visual poems. His rich schematic paintings and mixed-media boxes are cyphers, questioning the nature of representation and being in the natural world, and in human culture. This is a world in which icebergs jostle for space with scorpion-fish, amongst a lattice-work of inscrutable signs.


26th June – 7th July
Aro Gallery, 51 William Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney