Ape Newton, Painting by Pe Soza


From fluorescent lettering on candy wrappers, to military ballistics diagrams – I am captivated by signs. As a largely representational painter, I tend to question the nature of representation in my work. In so doing there emerges an elusive play between signs and their referents. For me just about anything, can start to creep away from its comfortable everyday meaning, into uncanny territory where what its significance is up for grabs. I like to think of my work as free-floating worlds – tableaus of oddities populated by animals, people and things, that explore signification across worlds.

I tend to arrange things together intuitively to create a visual poem, where the real and the stylised jostle for space. The viewer is invited to plunge into a freeze-framed fever-dream unmoored from familiar contexts – to question for themselves the nature of meaning and salience. My source material includes amongst other things: nature, communication in the biosphere, scientific notation, technical drawings and the experience of everyday objects.